Department for newborns

Head of department

Gomolko Ksenia Alexandrovna

Neonatologist. The highest qualification category according to the qualification «Doctor».

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The main tasks of the department:

  • Provision of highly qualified medical, diagnostic and preventive care to newborns in the Minsk region and assigned areas of the Minsk region;
  • Ensuring the joint stay of mother and child (in the absence of medical contraindications);
  • Providing quality essential care for healthy newborns entering the unit;
  • Providing assistance and comprehensive support in organizing breastfeeding;
  • Provide treatment for newborns with pathological conditions in accordance with industry standards and protocols for the provision of medical care; except for cases requiring treatment in the intensive care unit and intensive and intensive care for newborns;
  • Ensuring the timely provision of advisory specialized care for newborns in order to establish or clarify the diagnosis, prescribe a further examination plan and the necessary treatment;
  • Carrying out work on the prevention of vaccine-preventable infections in children or work on vaccine prevention of infections in newborns;
  • Providing screening of newborns for hereditary diseases - conducting neonatal screening;
  • Ensuring that accepted screening tests are carried out - otoacoustic emissions and electrocardiography;
  • Conducting sanitary and educational work with mothers on the peculiarities of caring for newborns and preventing the development of pathological conditions in them after discharge from the maternity hospital or providing parents with awareness of the health of newborns, the benefits of breastfeeding, the features of caring for newborns and the prevention of the development of pathological conditions after discharge from the hospital;

Medical and functional capabilities of the department:

  • The department uses modern approaches to the examination and treatment of newborns, in accordance with industry standards and protocols for the provision of medical care. At admission and in dynamics, newborns undergo a comprehensive examination taking into account the state of health and risk groups: laboratory (general and biochemical blood tests, group and Rh-related items, acid-base state, hemostasis study, including thromboellastography), X-ray examination, ultrasound study. According to indications, in order to timely diagnose the disease, the necessary additional studies are carried out. Also, if there is evidence, consultations of narrow specialists are organized;
  • Early neonatal audiological screening has been carried out in the neonatal unit since 2008. Since 2009, a hearing test has been carried out using the otoacoustic emission method. To conduct this study, the department uses an audiological analyzer "Titan", manufactured in Denmark, which is subject to annual verification;
  • The department for newborns provides a wide coverage of newborns with ultrasound examination, performed: neurosonography (ultrasound of the brain), ultrasound of the abdominal organs, ultrasound of the hip joints, echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart);
  • In the neonatal unit, healthy newborns are vaccinated, with the written informed consent of their parents (legal representatives) against viral hepatitis B and tuberculosis. All nurses of the department have an admission for vaccination against tuberculosis, which is renewed annually. Vaccination is an important part of the neonatal unit's preventive work;
  • A healthy newborn is discharged from the maternity hospital as early as possible together with the mother;
  • Upon discharge, a discharge summary is issued to the mother, reflecting the condition of the newborn on the day of discharge, examination results, risk groups, recommendations to the pediatrician.
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Gave birth on April 7, 2020. Free, but the attitude was as paid. Very cozy and comfortable. They explained everything and helped. I was very pleased.

End of November, free delivery. The best impressions. Low bow to all the staff and deep gratitude for the attitude towards women in labor and children and the incredible humanity with which everyone works there.

July. Free delivery. Doctors, obstetricians, neonatologists and everything is at the highest level. Full information about everything. And yes, there were interns all the time. It was all worth it !!! Doctors from God, grateful with all my soul!

Excellent maternity hospital, helpful staff. Some positive impressions.

The maternity hospital exceeded my expectations !!! Anyone who is relevant - only here I advise you to go to give birth! The professionalism and friendliness of the doctors are just at their best! Everything in the maternity hospital is modern, not like in the USSR !!!