Corruption Prevention Telephone Line

You can leave anonymous messages about the facts of violation of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, extortion of a bribe when contacting The Clinical maternity hospital of the Minsk region.

The line operates around the clock. Messages are analyzed by the Commission on Corruption.

The telephone line in the answering machine mode is organized to receive confidential statements about cases of corruption in The Clinical maternity hospital of the Minsk region.

Anti-Corruption Telephone Line

Phone: +375 (17) 266-36-07

Main Department of Health Care of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee

Helpline: +375 (17) 517-53-30 (in answering machine mode)

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Friends advised to sign up for an ultrasound scan and courses on preparation for childbirth at the maternity hospital at the address: Minsk, F. Skorina 16. Good attitude of the medical staff, the information on the courses is very useful.

I express my deep gratitude to the midwife of the maternity ward, Malevich Svetlana Nikolaevna. Only thanks to your qualifications, skills and abilities, my child was born.

Friends advised me to seek advice from a gynecologist at the regional maternity hospital. I signed up through paid services, I'm very pleased with the good attitude, got appointments, I'm recovering.

Regional maternity hospital, doctor Shmak K.I. She gave birth in August. I am grateful with all my heart and soul to the entire team of professionals who accompanied me from the moment of birth to discharge!

Gave birth in October 2019. Is free. Medvedev's doctor is from God. Insanely happy that it was in this hospital that I gave birth. There were partner births.

Gave birth on April 7, 2020. Free, but the attitude was as paid. Very cozy and comfortable. They explained everything and helped. I was very pleased.

End of November, free delivery. The best impressions. Low bow to all the staff and deep gratitude for the attitude towards women in labor and children and the incredible humanity with which everyone works there.

July. Free delivery. Doctors, obstetricians, neonatologists and everything is at the highest level. Full information about everything. And yes, there were interns all the time. It was all worth it !!! Doctors from God, grateful with all my soul!

Excellent maternity hospital, helpful staff. Some positive impressions.

The maternity hospital exceeded my expectations !!! Anyone who is relevant - only here I advise you to go to give birth! The professionalism and friendliness of the doctors are just at their best! Everything in the maternity hospital is modern, not like in the USSR !!!