Plastic surgery, anesthesiology

Price list for paid medical services

Service nameTotal price of the service, rubles.
Plastic aesthetic surgery  
Surgical correction age-related atrophy of the skin of the face and neck  
Midface and neck rhytidoplasty 847,21
Frontal rhytidoplasty 464,42
Rhytidoplasty of the temporal and external regions 502,86
Surgical eyebrow ptosis correction 238,31
Surgical correction age-related atrophy of body skin and extremities  
Surgical correction of age-related atrophy of the skin of the shoulder (2 sides) 559,97
Surgical correction of age-related atrophy of thigh skin 580,30
Surgical correction of the shape and volume of the buttocks with an endoprosthesis (1 side) 649,45
Surgical correction of the shape and volume of the lower leg with an endoprosthesis (1 side) 583,75
Surgical correction of the shape and size of the labia (2 sides) 528,58
Surgical correction age-related atrophy of eyelid skin  
Bilateral upper blepharoplasty 388,51
Bilateral upper blepharoplasty with fat hernia repair 419,43
Bilateral lower blepharoplasty 425,88
Bilateral lower blepharoplasty with fat hernia repair 456,80
Transconjective removal of fatty hernias of the lower eyelids 419,43
Surgical correction of the shape and auricle size:  
Reducing otoplasty of hypertrophied auricle (1 side) 351,43
Correction of the folding auricle (1 side) 721,39
Surgical correction of scars, defects (deformities)  
Correction of non-deforming scars without plasty with local tissues 436,89
correction of non-deforming scars with 474,77
Scar correction after face and neck rhytidoplasty surgery (1 side) 539,78
Surgical correction of deforming scars with plastic removal of the defect 474,77
Surgical correction of scars with autodermotransplant 407,60
Surgical size correction, breast shape and ptosis  
Mastopexy (1 side) 678,13
Reduction mammoplasty (1 side) 744,61
Mammoplasty with endoprosthesis (1 side) 527,35
Correction of extended nipples 328,14
Surgical correction of the anterior abdominal wall  
Abdominoplasty 1 055.33
Abdominoplasty with the elimination of diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles 1 125,13
Removal of benign neoplasms of the skin and subcutaneous cellulose  
Removal of benign neoplasms of the skin, subcutaneous tissue 132,36
Electroradiocoagulation of benign vascular neoplasms of the skin and red border of the lips from 0.5 to 1.0 cm. 24,23
Fine needle aspiration
tumor biopsy


The cost of materials and medicines required for the procedures is calculated at current prices, based on the approved consumption rates for medicines and materials.

Note: implants are not included in the cost of materials


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